April 30, 2002

The No Parole Peltier Association (NPPA) celebrates its second anniversary.

The NPPA web site has had over 57,000 visits in less than two years; as many as have visited Peltier's site in the past several years. It is apparent that people are indeed interested in the whole story.

The NPPA has been successful in its original goals; to respond to the erroneous statements and allegations made by the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC), to review and analyze public statements made by Leonard Peltier, which further indicate his guilt, and to provide the interested reader and researcher with another perspective long missing from the public debate.

The NPPA has disclosed efforts by the LPDC to fabricate events and provide deliberately distorted information to Peltier's supporters:

The NPPA has shown how often Peltier is willing to lie to his supporters:

The NPPA has uncovered the folklore surrounding the Peltier Myth:

The NPPA has provided the entire legal history of the Peltier case for review:

Any reasonable review will show that Peltier is indeed guilty. Although enjoying some notoriety as a marginal public figure, Peltier can continue his celebrity from the confines of Leavenworth Penitentiary as he serves the remainder of his two life sentences plus seven years for an armed escape.

"In The Spirit of Coler and Williams"
Ed Woods