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The Myth of Leonard Peltier
Peltier Demeans President

Peltier calls the President a "Sleazebag"

May 29, 2000

Thanks to Peltier himself, the NPPA is able to put its entire effort into perspective. His vocal and loyal followers for the past twenty-four years have been shunned and embarrassed. The activities of the LPDC and Peltier supporters, " the biggest push for Leonard's release to date" to convince the President to grant Peltier Executive Clemency, have lost that effort based on Peltier's own words and attitude.

Peltier has shown everyone what he is all about. For those who believe in his guilt and oppose clemency or parole, they are vindicated. For those who have championed his cause and embraced his proclaimed innocence, he has failed them and their efforts.

Executive Clemency is now a closed issue. All that remains is the possibility of parole prior to the expiration of his sentences. Parole is predicated, in part, on his performance as an inmate and based on his own statements in his recent book, Prison Writings, he has not been a model prisoner. His supporters should abandon him in droves, but based on the passions revealed in this web site's guest book, that may be unlikely. It will be with more than a passing interest that supporters of the NPPA will watch as Peltier supporters, somehow, try to justify his statements and their abandonment. But for the others, not yet convinced but willing to continue the process of discovering who and what Peltier really is; they are the ones who will close ranks opposing his parole.

Of course, the final decision rests with the U.S. Parole Commission. Everyone will await the outcome. In the meantime, the NPPA thanks all those who have supported its petition drive efforts and offers its understanding to his supporters.

The NPPA joins with the families of Jack Coler and Ron Williams.

Excerpt taken from Boulder Weekly - March 9, 2000

BW: How do you feel about the way things are going?

Peltier: Well... I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. These politicians are such sleazebags that you just don't know. You can't really get anything from a lot of them once they get into power. They totally forget about all their commitments. The poor people elect them, and they forget about all the poor people. When Clinton was running seven years ago, he was questioned by his campaign constituents, "What will you do for Leonard?" And he said, "I'll look into it." And here it is seven years later, and he still hasn't done anything. We know that the Federal Pardon Attorney in his first term recommended clemency. It went through Janet Reno's office. And it's been sitting in Janet Reno's office ever since. Numerous people have met with Clinton, and he knows about the case. Peter Matthiessen met with him, Thom White Wolf, the head of the United Methodist Church, has seen him several times. Clinton was on Pine Ridge last year, and he saw some of my supporters out there waving signs for my release. But Harold Salway [Oglala Tribal President] told me that when he and Clinton were by themselves, Clinton asked him, "Who's Leonard Peltier?" So it doesn't look that good for me when you got people saying those types of things, ya know? (Emphasis added)

(Peltier made additional self-serving statements which were untrue and will be addressed later. Any suggestions that bringing this to the attention of concerned readers and researchers, and the American public, is somehow part of a counter-intelligence effort is inane. These are Peltier's own words taken from an interview provided to the NPPA by "Native News". )

Peltier says, "These politicians are such sleazebags that you just don't know." Peltier then, very specifically and deliberately, identifies one of the politicians he's referring to with TWELVE (12) SPECIFIC REFERENCES (plus a related quote) to the President of the United States.


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