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The Incident:

On June 26th, 1975, FBI agents Ron Williams and Jack Coler, entered the Jumping Bull's property in Oglala, South Dakota. A firefight between the agents and members of the American Indian Movement ensued, which left both agents and an AIM member, Joe Stuntz Killsright dead. It also left AIM member Leonard Peltier falsely incarcerated for the deaths of Williams and Coler. Pine Ridge, at the time was living under what is known as the "Reign of Terror" years, where murders and shoot-outs happened on a daily basis by the "GOON" squad. AIM member were asked to come to help protect the Lakota elders, women and children, where even their homes were not a safe haven.

The 3rd Annual Commemoration: "Honoring the Warriors and Promoting National Healing for the Incident of Oglala"

June 26, 2002, will mark the 27th anniversary of those tragic events and the 3rd anniversary of commemoration of healing for all those involved. This event is brought to us by the Lakota Student Alliance and the American Indian Movement Support Group of Kansas.

In this 3rd annual event, we remain vigilant in our beliefs that Leonard Peltier, the American Indian Movement leadership, the Entire Red Nations of Indians, and most importantly, the families of those Victims of the Reign of Terror, are still being fiercely persecuted by unseen governmental forces to a point where escalating animosity continues. We ask our people to come together to acknowledge the healing efforts that must begin so that we may move forward as Indigenous peoples

All funds generated by this Oglala Commemoration are earmarked to benefit projects on the Pine Ridge Reservation under the directive of Political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

Join us for the "CONCERT FOR YOUTH AWARENESS 2002" Click here for more details.

We still have a limited supply of 2nd annual T-shirts available for a $10.00 donation. Tricia King from Different Drums Radio was on hand to produce a live recording of the concert. We are hoping to get a live CD out soon.

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped sponsor this event!

Oglala Commemoration Committee