Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 08:05:40 -0500

We at the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC) would like to extend our admiration to Ishgooda at NativeNews for acting in the interest of "fair play" by passing along the message from Ed Woods of the No Parole for Peltier Association (NPPA) advertising the new locations of the NPPA Web site. As you all are aware, the NPPA and Ed Woods epitomize the Federal Bureau of Investigation's signature ability to twist words, tell lies, and promulgate misinformation with the idea that, if it is repeated enough, people will accept it as truth. Of course, as we are led to believe as well, the NPPA site claims no affiliation with the FBI whatsoever.

Were you also aware that Mr. Woods engages in personally harassing Leonard Peltier by mailing NPPA articles to the U.S. Penintentiary at Leavenworth? However, he does this under the guise of communications from the LPDC. He kindly omits his own return address in yet another signature FBI tactic.

We at the LPDC would like to remind you of the other piece to this act of "fair play" brought about by Ishgooda and NativeNews, the self-appointed denizens of all information flowing to Indian Country and the world. If you recall, when Leonard chose to reorganize the LPDC in January of this year, Ishgooda put out the pronouncement that the Senior Editors of NativeNews would "look upon any communication coming out of the LPDC as suspect", and would therefore refuse to carry it.

Obviously in a very different spirit of "fair play", none of Leonard's messages have been carried to Indian Country on NativeNews since then -- not even Leonard's recent peace statement and comments on the passing of Robert Standing Deer Wilson. None of the messages emanating from the LPDC, including the announcement of the new location of the Official Leonard Peltier Web site, have been carried on NativeNews.

So we would like to pose this question to Ishgooda and the Senior Editors of NativeNews, one that we believe is now going around Indian Country despite the attempted illusion of information control presented by these cyber "journalists". Who are Ishgooda and the Senior Editors really working for? And why does Ishgooda use such notions as fair play to describe her brand of censorship?

By the way, we would like to thank the International Forum on Leonard Peltier for continuing to carry both sides -- in the TRUE interest of fair play. You will find Leonard's statements since January 2003 at And if you want to receive future statements by Leonard Peltier and any other official announcements from the LPDC, please sign up for our news service.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Cathy McCarthy
LPDC Board of Directors