Subject: Re: [LP Forum News] Statement of LPDC Board
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 04:25:52 +0000

To whom it may concern :

Robert Free and I thought we should pass along the following response to the latest libelous accusations from the LPDC (Cathy McCarthy):

1) Dates of creation for the letter Robert wrote are easily provable. To suggest that Robert "backdated" anything is a joke. I of course can prove the date Roberts statement was created. Absolutely.

2) Since all the members of the LPDC Board have resigned, Cathy McCarthy is the only possible "Board of Directors" member that could have issued this statement. She is the ONLY Board member and does not represent anyone in the Native community that I have ever heard of.

3) Cathy is still avoiding the question of exactly who she is. If you would like to see her resume, please ask her for this document. No matter what she says in statements like this one, the "real Cathy McCarthy" emerges each time this question is asked.

4) It is very troubling that she is suggesting that Leonard himself is directing a Non Profit organization while still incarcerated. This is potentially a legal problem for Leonard and the LPDC.

5) It is interesting to note that she has offered no such "press release" to be circulated among the Native Americans in North America. Without providing detailed credentials, a resume, or even a work history, it would seem that she has already been widely discredited here in the states, and the most likely reason she would like "this message to circulate among the European Supporters."

Thanks for your attention to this matter, and for sending this Email to us here in the USA, we have repeatedly asked the LPDC for a response and have seen none so far. This was the first.

For more information please contact Robert Free directly at the following Email address ->