February 27, 2003

Dear Global Supporters,

It's been over 27 years that a defensive confrontation occurred to protect a community against terror and death.

On that day on June 26, 1975, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, home of the Ogallala, three persons died in that confrontation.

The greatest manhunt in U.S. history eventually placed Leonard Peltier as the person that would pay the price for standing up to defend that community against fear of death and terror.

Over the decades Leonard's support has fluctuated and was driven by court hearings. The most recent efforts for Presidential clemency again revealed that the FBI could intimidate even a president. Many believe Leonard Peltier was the trade off not to pursue President Clintons possible criminal indictments.

We hear the anguish and predicament of Leonard Peltier in his recent statement. The difficulty to maintain a defense for him through 15 minute restricted phone calls, has taken a great toll over the years.

Many have come to support Leonard over the years. His first wave of supporters defended Leonard, when no one wanted to be associated due to fear of FBI repression. Eventually a new wave of youthful supporters joined, some violated fundamental protocols of respect and gratitude due to deserving supporters.

We recognize the great importance of supporters through out the world! Our European, Canadian allies, the support groups through out this country.it has been your tireless pursuit to help Leonard that has sustained his strong spirit. To identify the many individuals and groups that have helped.there is not enough room on this page to identify all.and I fear leaving any out!

It is with this background that we move forward and rebuild the LPDC, with a new commitment of respect and gratitude to all who support Leonard. We start by bringing back several original LPDC founders.

A veteran of Alcatraz Island, fishing rights struggle confrontations, Trail of Broken Treaties occupations, Wounded Knee liberation and a long time friend of Leonard before his incarceration, I and others hope to re-bridge and mend the many efforts for Leonard. Bringing back some old timers will help to put balance to Leonard's efforts with the skills of a younger generation.

Just about every issue confronting the world has been or is being experienced by indigenous people. Sovereignty, land recovery, land protection, political prisoners, genocide, of people, culture, biological terror, facing weapons of mass destruction. We native people of the world have faced it all and have survived in spite of it all.

Leonard's and others actions represent the defense against these forces to repress our people. Let all join behind Leonard towards a better humanity. This is a movement!

So it is fitting that on the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Wounded Knee on February 27, 1973, that we remember the 70 unsolved deaths that caused a group to defend a frightened community on June 26, 1975. It is also fitting that we now reaffirm a commitment to address the unfinished business after the liberation of Wounded Knee.

That unfinished business is.the freedom of Leonard Peltier!!!

We have a multi prong approach to free Leonard. We will be posting to this website as the details and lead persons are identified.

Briefly they are:

  1. Continued legal avenues.appeals for parole, re-trial.etc.
  2. Global mobilization of support, lobbying, demonstrations, alliances, etc.
  3. Communications activities of the web, newspaper, speakers, etc.
  4. FBI congressional hearings and extradition reviews in Canada.
  5. Researching 60,000 released FOIA documents with 40,000 more sought.
  6. Financial support efforts to implement the above activities.

The six activities will be coordinated at the International office in Lawrence, Kansas, reporting directly to Leonard and a coordinator. Transparency regarding accounting and decisions will be posted on the web. Our immediate needs are human and financial resources to implement the six activities.

We call on all tribes, artists, writers, educators, businesses, etc who have been beneficiaries because of the efforts of the native movements to support us. We challenge all people who believe that wrongs can be corrected to help us at this time.

This is an inclusive LPDC. Feel free to contact us with your skills and resources. Together in a coordinated concentrated effort we can secure parole and freedom for our brother Leonard Peltier! Join us towards the freedom of Leonard Peltier!

Thank you
All my relations

Robert Free
LPDC Chair
email: robertfree@freeleonardpeltier.org